Doreen Corwith Eckert

Wellness Coach & Health Educator

Himalayan Institute Yoga Meditation Teacher 200 + 500 Hour 

Spanda Yoga Movement Therapist, 800 Hour C-IAYT

Certified Reiki Practitioner

Doterra Aroma Touch Therapist



Come  and   sit



Breathe in and out.






Doreen Corwith Eckert, was born to farming parents on eastern Long Island, New York.  She grew up quietly in a small town among open fields and ocean views.   Then, she flew to faraway places.  At age 16, she lived in Bombay, India for a year as a Rotary exchange student.  Her experiences there forced her to reevaluate everything she knew.  Fascinated by the diversity of religion and cultures, she fanned her interest in personal and spiritual growth.  Determined to keep travelling, she studied anthropology at ANU in Canberra, Australia, graduated with honors in Communications from Penn State University, and completed a Masters in environmental education with the Audubon Expedition Institute - Lesley University.

Settling in Vermont, her passion for personal growth turned into a life-long career.  In 1991 she became a Certified Massage Therapist and Reiki Energy Medicine Practitioner.  Then she took up yoga.  Since 1998, she has been studying at the Himalayan Institute of Yoga Science & Philosophy in Pennsylvania where she received her  200 and 500 hour graduate level Classic Raja yoga teacher certifications.    After being in private practice for 10 years, she created and ran Evanya Wellness Center in Townshend, VT.  


Called back to her homeland, in 2000, she relocated to her grandparent's 100 year old house in Water Mill where she met her husband, a carpenter who helped her fix it up.  Doreen has taught at many sites in Southampton including Ananda Wellness Center, Rogers Memorial Library, Joshua’s Place, United Methodist Church and House of Wellness.    In September 2019, she completed a 2+ year Masters level degree with Spanda Yoga Movement Therapy, a program run by Dr. Jaime Stover-Schmitt in Princeton, NJ geared to bridge eastern techniques with Western Medicine. 

She sees clients at her home office and sometimes makes home visits.   Her focus is to inspire others to seek the Divine within and to cultivate holistic health on all levels - body, mind and soul.

Holistic Health Care

addresses the whole person physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  Support focuses on maintaining balance on all levels through conscious choices and prevention rather than ignoring health then responding once disease has set in (prevention vs. crisis intervention).  If dis-ease does arise, treatments can work along side traditional medicine.  Holistic health care can reduce stress, decrease pain and improve the quality of life.  It also empowers by teaching tools for daily and life-long self-care.   Hands-on Bodywork supports self-care.  Doreen, with her wide range of skills, education and experience, is delighted to assist clients in getting and staying well.



Increased Energy and Vitality

Illness Prevention

Graceful Aging

Flexibility & Strength

Physical and Mental Stability  

Better Balance

Steady Emotions

Enhanced Faith Connections

Deep Relaxation & Serenity

Greater Self-awareness

Heightened access to Intuition

Clarity of Life Purpose

spanda logo.png

“Silence is God’s first language:

 Everything else is a poor translation. 

In order to hear that language,

 we must learn to be still and to rest in God.

              - Father Thomas Keating

Spanda Yoga Movement Therapy

is the specific adaptation of classic yoga techniques to help manage health conditions.  It addresses physical and movement challenges as well as mindfulness and lifestyle choices.    This format bridges eastern wisdom with western medicine to offer complementary solutions for vibrant health and recovery from dis-ease.  Sessions take place one-on-one or with small groups having a similar focus. 


Spanda refers to the subtle creative pulse of the universe which underlies all of our thoughts and actions.  When we are in touch with it within us, we can function optimally.


Sample topics include

  • Cultivating Resilience

  • Movement designed to strengthen the body or heal an injury

  • Useful ways to manage stress

  • Help with sorting out an issue

  • Tools for anxiety/depression

  • Mindfulness and meditation

  • Light touch to bring awareness

  • Support for Spiritual Growth

A yoga therapist is

part teacher,

part counselor


part spiritual guide.

Yoga as Medicine and Lifestyle

Classic yoga includes guiding principles for living wisely, postures and breath practices to cleanse and energize.  It also includes techniques to calm the sense organs and draw attention inward.  It is a complete system that addresses the needs of body, mind and spirit.  Yoga is not a religion, but can be used along-side one to enhance spiritual growth. 


In each yoga class, Doreen incorporates the eight limbs of classical Royal Yoga.  She directs students in more than postures and breathwork, by imparting yoga’s guiding principles, deep relaxation, and mind-quieting techniques into the experience.  She infuses classes with scientific details and suggestions for daily life applications. 


Students say her approach is nourishing, and her classes feel like being taken on a journey gradually deeper and deeper toward stillness.

Meditation is the crown jewel of yoga practice.  True, lasting happiness arises from going inward, not from any outer success, acquisition or relationship.  However, for many, meditation is difficult.   Learning a systematic program to quiet the chattering mind improves life.   It cultivates the capacity to bring forth innate wisdom.   It also lowers blood pressure, cholesterol and stress.  There is no substitute for meditation.

Restorative Yoga   uses propped poses, held longer to allow for stress to peel off layer by layer revealing a sense of calm and clarity.  Deep rest offers freedom from the symptoms of stress including,  physical tension, mental irritability, spiritual confusion, shortness of breath, insomnia, adrenal overstimulation, weakened immune system and so on.  Attention is placed on softening the body, so that layers of tension can release.  A quieter mind and steady breath naturally develop during the letting go process.  In this way, restorative yoga is meditative.  Sometimes it is the gateway into a meditation practice because it provides a glimpse into a quieter mind.


For the body, it mimics a classic yoga posture series in that the spine is moved in all directions to help restore balance and health in the body.  The internal organs are alternately soothed and stimulated in a way so as to not overstimulate or deplete the energy system.    Restorative yoga is appropriate for people of all ages and shapes.  Deep, restful and refreshing.

Christ-inspired classes explore the overlap between Christ and Classic Yoga and follow the classic order of postures, breathwork and meditation.   Students experience Christ’s teachings in the context of the body - the way Jesus came to the world - Embodied.  Move, rest and listen to the deep well of wisdom within.

To answer concerns and questions, go to:

World Community for Christian Meditation 

Centering Prayer           www  

For writings and wonderings about the intersection of Christian Theology and Yoga Philosophy go to  blog

Doreen is a supporting editor and monthly writer for the blog.


 TWO stress relief



 Divine Mother's Day weekend  


If you are a mom, aunt, dad/mom or grandma,

you probably give more than you receive.  

Take time to refill the reserves.  

Poetry and prompts around the Divine Mother, 

who holds us all, will be peppered into the session.

Saturday May 8th, 2021    

4 - 6 pm eastern time  





Christ-centered Rest and Renew 

90 minute class 

with beautiful prompts and scripture 

on Love and self-care 

based on Jesus' teachings

Thursday,  May 13, 2021  

7:30 - 9 pm eastern

 by donation 

with a portion of the proceeds to 




Both sessions will be similar format.  

After a centering and simple movement to release surface tension, 

a long sequenced systematic relaxation will follow.  These practices are designed to induce slower brain waves that draw the practitioner in to very deep stillness.   This  work supports the nervous system in letting go of the 'fight/flight/freeze" effect that can lead to dis-ease on many levels and is so chronic these days.  

Benefits include release from anxiety and a profound sense of calm.


GIVE yourself (or a loved one) the gift of deep healing rest. 


Payment options:  

Venmo (@doreencorwitheckert)

Zelle (631-276-2517)  

Check: to "Doreen Eckert" and mail to 14 Water Mill Towd Road, Water Mill, NY 11976

Donation direct to will be offered too  just as soon as we set it up.       



Set up in a quiet room free of phones, kids and pets;  tell your family you will be available later.

If possible have a meal prepared and a quiet evening so you can extend the 'retreat' until bedtime.



4-5 blankets or large towels

eye cover ( hand towel or scarf)

Chair or ottoman

Blocks if you have them or towel rolls

Journal or paper, pen and (optional) colored pencils/crayons

Cancellation policy:

We all have life challenges.  Free cancellation up to 24 hours before (minus service fees); less than 24 hours case by case

0% returned for no show/no contact, (except in actual emergency).


Zoom link will be sent a few days before the class.

Past Offerings

Move and Meditate   Be Still and Know. Psalm 46:10

Ecumenical Christ-centered movement and meditation group designed for you to nourish yourself.   Learn a systematic sequence of simple movement, breath and sense withdrawal that naturally steers the mind inward so that you might pass through the clutter of a tense body and mind and enter into what St. Theresa of Avila called ‘the cave of the heart’.  Hear scripture in a whole new way. Practice with others to gain strength. Sense the Presence of the Divine. Leave Refreshed.  Free will donation; Drop-ins welcome.  First Presbyterian Church Chapel, 2 South Main Street, Southampton

     Lenten Series - Deep listening  & Scriptural Reflection 2020

            For Lent, some churches focus on members growing in spirit by giving something up and others suggest adding something in.   Join Doreen for both – identifying               a time-wasting behavior and trading it for a life-giving behavior: DEEP LISTENING.

            February 23, March 1, 22, 29.      TIME:  Sunday 6:00 -7:00 pm   

           Jesus spent 40 days listening in the wilderness, strengthening his connection to Abba and disconnecting from the temptations of Satan. Despite having been gifted              with Grace and forgiveness, we too need to refine our capacity to listen to God and to say ‘no’ to Satan.  Effort is still required and Lent, the 40 days from Ash                        Wednesday to Easter, is a perfect time to do it.  

            Learn a systematic technique to quiet the thinking mind, which will develop your capacity to listen and to understand scripture more profoundly.  Then practice it            at home and with others at each session. Get inspired to set up a time and space at home for regular practice; explore what gets in the way of home study; how to stay             on track and more. The 4 sessions build on each other; attend as many as you can to support yourself.  For more information or questions call Doreen.


Relaxation Techniques to Manage Stress

Learn (or refine) some time-tested tools to “Push the Reset Button” so that you are not on the ever-edge of anxious.  Modern life has the nervous system on alert much of the time, and we need to consciously induce the opposite – the nervous system’s rest and digest mode.  When it is not induced, continuous stress leads to poor decisions, disrupted sleep, chronic low grade illnesses and other dis-ease of body and mind.   Commit an evening to learn some valuable tools that if practiced, with regularity, will improve your daily life and overall outlook.   Even if you know some of these, you will have a chance to practice and develop a plan for yourself going forward.

Thursday March 1, 2018     6:30 – 8 pm, Water Mill Tennis House, 36 Nowedonah Ave, Water Mill

Fee:  $30/$35 day of if there is space, $25 current Water Mill Community Club Members

Wise Habits to Sleep Well

Sleep is a necessary component to a healthy lifestyle, yet it gets disrupted by stress, disturbed by technological stimulation, and shortened by the day’s demands.  Good sleep is an essential need, which becomes very evident when it is not adequate.  If you have occasional or ongoing insomnia, join Doreen to:

Learn more about your body and mind in regards to sleep. 

Practice simple accessible techniques to support you.

Leave with a treasure trove of time-tested ideas, (including a sleep study sheet and other helpful handouts) to improve your sleep life, and thus your whole life.

Saturday   March 24, 2018  1:30 – 4:00 pm, Investment $40/45 day of event, Ananda Wellness



  • Meditation              

  • Forgiveness

  • Vibrant Aging

  • Weight and Stress

  • Yoga Psychology Basics

  • Cultivating a Strong Moral Foundation with Yoga Psychology and Ten Commandments



Touch is critical for good health. 

Healthy, appropriate touch soothes the nervous system and supports the immune system.  It also cultivates a sense of well-being. 

Aroma Touch with Doterra Oils

Using Doterra essential oils, this technique systematically nourishes the back, head and feet with four goals:   de-stress, de-toxify, strengthen immunity and re-energize.  It is a lighter touch than massage, but extremely soothing for the nervous system.  Clients feel a deep nurturing and spacious calm. The smell is euphoric!


Reiki Energy Medicine

 Reiki is a Japanese word meaning “Universal Life Force Energy” It is an original form of healing given to Dr. Mikao Usui in the 1800’s during a spiritual retreat.   Hawayo Takata brought it to the USA in the 1980’s.


Reiki balances the electromagnetic field of the body and induces deep relaxation thus allowing the immune system to function optimally.  Sort of like charging a battery, receiving Reiki is like drawing even more than normal amounts of subtle energy from the universe, transmitted safely through the practitioner.   It assists the body in cleansing itself of toxins and hastens healing.  It also attunes the client towards the healer within.  Reiki accelerates the body’s natural healing abilities on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. 


During a 50-60 minute session, clients remain fully clothed while comfortably lying on a table or sitting in a chair.  Reiki is done hands-on and off the body.  Doreen combines it with breath awareness, joint mobilization, and other techniques depending on need.  Most report feeling warmth, like sunshine flowing, then become deeply relaxed and peaceful.

$120 per session.  Barter and Sliding Scale available.  

May Special 2 for $170 ($85/session) 

Colleague Erin Sirona explains

Energy Healing

"You have an electromagnetic field in and around your body.  An energy healer has fine-tuned their senses to work with it.  Operating from a right brained place which is quite different from the intellectual place we often navigate from, the practitioner facilitates the already-present healing capacity of the body. 


Similar to how a dog can hear frequencies we cannot or a bee keeper can tell you the region, date, and makeup of a particular honey just from the taste/color/smell, my training allows me to perceive this energy (which anyone can learn to do), I can alter it using sound, movement and above all-clear, focused intention. "

Doreen’s Aroma Touch treatment was

absolutely wonderful!  It is a perfect treatment for de-stressing and feeling a sense of deep relaxation and peace.  I would highly recommend Doreen; she has the ‘magic touch’! – IG


A session with Doreen is like pushing the reset button. After lying on her table for an hour I get up feeling better and clearer. - MK


Doreen is working on four books:

Good Soil:  Guiding Principles to Cultivate a Moral Foundation based on Yoga, Jesus and the Ten Commandments.

DORINDIA: A Memoir of an American Teen's Year in 1980's India

Touch Intelligence: Exploring the Qualities of Touch and its Role in Living Well.


Moving Prayer as a Gateway into Stillness:  An Ecumenical Collection of Moving Prayers and Meditation Techniques

Come explore 
what is 
around the
corner for you.

Directions to office:  14 Water Mill Towd Road

Cross street: Head of Pond Road; look for little windmill at the fork

For ease:  park across he street

Water Mill, NY 11976


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